Dessert Menu Gallery


Alaskan Mousse: Deep chocolate mousse covered in fresh meringue then, lightly browned in the oven, available in domes, logs, or pyramids.


Almond Squares: Almond crusted puff pastry squares filled with luscious fruit mousse


Charlotte Rouse: Rich Grand Marnier and chocolate mousse surrounded by liquor soaked ladyfingers.


Charlotte Rouse Decorated: Same as above with red ribbon wrapped around the outside and tied in bow (Ribbon color variable)


Cream Puffs: Chocolate mousse in a light pastry shell with white chocolate Ganache coating, or vanilla mousse with dark chocolate


Cream Tarts: Assorted creams and mousses topped with real whipped cream, shaved chocolate and appropriately decorated.


Éclairs: Bavarian cream in a light pastry shell, with chocolate Ganache decorated with a filigree or flower decoration


Fruit Tarts: Seasonal fresh fruit over Bavarian cream with fruit glaze. (Rich shortbread pastry)


Fingers: Liquor washed lady fingers filled with tiramisu, or assorted fruit mousses, decorated appropriately


Fudge Brownies: Rich chocolate brownies with walnuts, coated with deep chocolate ganache, can be cut into special shapes and decorated - sinfully delicious! Variety of flavors.


Mini-Pies: Assorted fruit and cream 3 inch pies, in easy to serve tins


Mousse Bombes: Assorted flavors of rich mousse layered on a dome cake base, decorated (extra charge)


Napoleon Squares: Layers of flaky pastry and Bavarian cream with raspberry puree, drizzled with vanilla and ganache


Nouveau Napoleons: Layers of crisp sugar, baked flaky pastry with mousse or Bavarian cream and fresh fruit filling.


Raspberry and Truffle Roundels: Rich chocolate cake with a tall mound of rich truffle surrounded by fresh raspberries topped by another layer of cake and chocolate shavings décor.


Rum or Mint Balls: Rich fudge balls with rum or mint flavoring (Can be done as “cake pops”)


Tiramisu Elegances’: Delicious tiramisu filling surrounded by coffee and liquor soaked ladyfingers


Tiramisu Elegant Decorated: Same as above except dressed with a gold ribbon wrapped around outside and tied with bow.


Triple Chocolate Pate': Layers of deep chocolate, white chocolate, and mocha chocolate pate' surrounded by a coating of shaved chocolate or a chocolate ribbon , Presented in a loaf to be sliced in individual servings


Tropical Treats: Pineapple and rum balls coated with toasted coconut


Turnovers Fruit or Cream: Assorted fruit and creams in a flaky puff pastry


Puff Pastry Cream Horns: Rich butter pastry, wrapped cornucopia style and filled with luscious whip cream and fruit


Individual Pineapple Up-side Down Cakes: Buttery cake topped with  pineapple/sugar crust, topped with swirls of whipped cream


Hazelnut Rondelle: Delicious circles of hazelnut meringue sandwiching a light hazelnut French cream, then dipped sideways to be half covered with semi-sweet chocolate


Ribboned Mousses Chocolate ribbons formed into different elegant shapes, and filled with assorted mousses


Adult Bundts: delectably rich cakes baked with pecans And Southern whiskey, glazed with a butter liquor Sauce.


Can also be done as an Italian rum. (can be done without any alcohol)


Whoopie Pies: Hand held treats of rich chocolate cake with a variety of fillings: traditional vanilla cream, mint- chip, cherry-chunk, decadent mocha, etc., etc. Variety of shapes from the standard round…to stars (my personal favorite)


Specialty Desserts for Extra Special Occasions


Easter: Ganache covered cake eggs


Mother’s Day: Decorated cookie hearts


Graduation: Decorated cupcakes with graduate’s picture


Please Note: As is our trade-mark we decorate all desserts to fit the occasion


We also do custom edible photos, logos, and monograms


Any dessert containing Creams, Mousses, or Whip Cream must be kept Refrigerated, until displayed at room temperature (can be on display up to 4 hours)